A variety of workshops lead by industry professionals and experts in their crafts, will be availible to the students to choose from.

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Auditioning for TV in Vancouver

Jeb Beach

Vancouver has more Television roles per actor than any other city in the world. We’ll talk about how to get into the industry with a realistic perspective and approach to starting a Film & TV career here, and you’ll have the chance to work on camera with one of Canada’s top audition coaches. Jeb will coach you on camera in a real Television audition, demonstrating the key skills you need to make great auditions happen, and how to stand out in 'The Room'.

Jeb Beach is one of Vancouver’s best known and respected professional acting coaches. He has worked as an actor, as a teacher and mentor in support of other actors and the industry for more than a decade, and has coached actors at all levels from getting ready for professional representation to leading a television series. Jeb is widely considered to be a leader in removing the barriers between Industry and Art; the result of his profound capacity to connect people with each other and to themselves, plus his keen sense of industry timing, trends, and how to translate it all into actionable steps for the professional actor. Compassion for self and others, plus professional accountability drive his teaching as he works to guide and prepare for the opportunities that come from an ever evolving entertainment industry. As a long-time active member of Vancouver’s acting community, Jeb has worked in all areas and at all levels of industry both as an actor and as a coach. He publishes his blog to share perspective and opportunities for his community, and lives with his growing family on a little island.

Participants to bring:

Something to write on. Something to write with. The desire to play.

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Auditions: How Not to Annoy Me

Stephanie Hargreaves

An informal, conversational, (and hopefully informative!) presentation by an industry insider and casting director for over 20 years. After facilitating hundreds of auditions over the years, Stephanie has a unique perspective on what to do and what not to do in an audition, how to get the audition and how to get the job. You'll get no nonsense, straightforward tips on how to succeed, and what will annoy her, the director and the panel.

Stephanie Hargreaves is the Artist Liaison at the Arts Club Theatre Company, facilitating the casting of hundreds of artists in shows in three venues and on tour since 1998. Previous positions at the Arts Club include Campaign Administrator for the restoration and re-opening of the Stanley Theatre, and Tour Coordinator for the Arts Club Theatre for whom she sent out over 30 shows to 25 venues across BC and Ontario. Since 2004, Stephanie has taken regular contracts as the Festival Manager for CIAO! (Children’s International Arts Organization), an annual international children’s theatre festival in South East England. An active community member and volunteer, Stephanie has served on the Boards of the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, British Columbia Touring Council, Rumble Productions and the Rachel Davis Foundation. Stephanie is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Master of Arts in English Literature.

Participants to bring:

● Notebook and pen/pencil.
● Current photo and resume (these will be critiqued, time permitting).

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Cirque Stage Makeup

Carla Benko

Assisted by Kelly Newman

Fri. Apr. 27: Ringmaster Transformation: Learn contour and highlighting techniques to transform yourself into Circus characters. We will be focusing on the Ringmaster. We will be demonstrating a full character makeup as well as some hair laying techniques.

Sat. Apr. 28: Cirque Du Soleil Inspired Class where we will be learning about colour and layering techniques as well as evoking emotion through makeup. This will be a class full of bright colours, striking designs and fun characters.

Experiencing life through art is my dream. The moment I discovered color was the day I started living my dreams. I’ve always found inspiration in the non-conventional aspects of life and integrate that mentality into my artistic visions. After 13 years of working at MAC cosmetics, I abandoned a traditional lifestyle, sold my house in Calgary and accepted a scholarship to VFS. Since graduating, I’ve competed in IMATS New York as well as Vancouver. I’ve also had experience in film and fashion.

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Costume Breakdown

Danica West

Fun Costume Breakdown! Do you want to advance your Costuming skills? Then join this hands-on creative workshop to learn about Costume Breakdown and ageing. Develop fun and useful new skills for working with Costumes in Theatre, Film and Television!!

Danica West is an Instructor in the Douglas College Stagecraft and Event Technology Department. She's worked in Costume and Scenic Painting at the Stratford Festival and is a professional Costume and Set Designer.

Participants to bring:

Wear something you can get paint on or borrow our paint coveralls!

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Creating Memorable Characters

David C. Jones

Find your inner Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp or Tom Hardy with the David C. Jones an actor who has been described as "the man of a thousand faces" and "a comic chameleon". Who are all the people who live inside you? When you create a persona that is not you, you tap into rich right brain thinking and unlock creativity in unexpected and exciting ways.
Handouts will be given on Expanding and Advancing story in improvised scenes that will help know when to Break The Routine and harvest The Question Mark tree.

David C. Jones has taught workshops across the country and throughout the province. He is creative coach for performers and public speakers. As a facilitator he has designed or adapted programs to cover a wide range of topics from self-esteem and empowerment to team building. He worked for several years with YMCA International creating role-plays and popular education activities. As a teacher he works in a variety of performing arts; acting, scene study, text analysis, and improvisation. His authentic character workshops and status and body language classes awaken the creative spirit. He is currently a teacher at the Vancouver Film School and a graduate of Studio 58. His workshops have been described by one student as a ‘combination of hilarity, gentleness and challenge’.
David loves to laugh and loves to learn.

Participants to bring:

Blank paper and a pen. Good playful attitude.

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"Don't Have a Cow, Man!": Voice Acting Explained

Roger Harris and Maryke Hendrikse

In this workshop, you'll be given an introduction to the world of Voice Acting. You will learn about the many opportunities and genres available in this craft. You will also have the opportunity to try it first hand. Under the direction of one of Canada's best Voice Actors, and one of its most renowned Directors, you will be able to perform and show them what you can do. No pressure :) "¡Ay carumba!"

Roger Harris is Partner and Creative Director at Murmur Music and Sound in Vancouver. As one of Canada’s premiere voice, music, and sound design directors, he has led and built a number of companies across the country. He created and ran Jungle Music and Vapor Music in Toronto. Additionally, he served as Creative Director and Executive Producer at Y&R San Francisco and BBDO Canada.
He is globally recognized as one of the leading voice directors. He is renowned for discovering exceptional voice actors, and directing many celebrities, athletes and real people.
Recently, he has voice directed and cast for diverse roles for Far Cry 4 and 5, Watch Dogs 2, and trailers for Valiant Hearts. He also cast and directed the highly successful animated talking outlets campaign for BC Hydro. Actors love working with Roger, they find his directing style comforting and impacting. He has a strong ability to garner great performances from actors of all calibers.

Marÿke Hendrikse has been acting professionally for over 25 years. She has lent her voice to hundreds of animated series, radio plays, and TV and radio commercials. Marÿke can currently be heard as Bree Bunny and Twist in 'Enchantimals Finding Home', Sandy and Cassie in 'Thimbleweed Park', Dot Starlight in 'Lalaloopsy', Kate and Boomer in ‘Kate and Mim Mim’, Ava in ‘Lego Nexo Knights’, Principal Wormeramer, Amy and Secretary Hedies in ‘Supernoobs’, Susan Test in ‘Johnny Test’, Gilda the Griffon in ‘My Little Pony Friendship is Magic’, Sonata Dusk in ‘Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks’, and Loretta Bun (along with several others) in ‘Sausage Party’.

Participants to bring:

Water, pencil.

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Gender & Performance: Smashing Binaries

Cameron Mackenzie

An actors tool kit should include the ability to explore characters along the entire gender spectrum. Led by the Queen of East Van Isolde N. Barron you will investigate through physical exploration and music your own authentic masculine and feminine gestural language. This work is based loosely on Jacque Lecoq’s elements and Richard Pochinko’s clown theory.

Originally from South Africa, Cameron is a Vancouver-based director, producer and drag queen. As The Queen of East Van, Isolde N. Barron, she hosts The Barron Gurl Show every week in Vancouver's West End, as well as Drag 101, a monthly show at UBC’s Pit Pub. As the Queen Mother of the Cobalt, a space she helped transform into a vital queer hub, she hosted her own weekly show Apocalypstick for two years and was a monthly fixture at Queer Bash, East Van's premiere queer dance party. She is currently the head judge ushering in new talent for the Mr/Miss Cobalt Competition, in it’s 7th year.
She has appeared on the cover of various publications including the inaugural edition of SAD Mag. Past highlights include hosting the Tea Tent at Colony Farm’s Summer Fete, Halloween at the biannual event Oddball, her monthly brunch show Queen, Eggs & Ham with wife Peach Cobblah, headlining the First Pride and subsequent Prides in Campbell River, as well as hosting Xtra's live Vancouver Pride coverage. She co-created 20 Minute Drag School for BC Buds, Tucked & Plucked: Vancouver’s Drag Herstory for Zee Zee Theatre and What A Drag! with the 4th term students of Studio 58. She was also Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year for 2010.

In boy form he produces & curates Club PuSh for the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and is founder and Managing Artistic Director of Zee Zee Theatre celebrating their tenth season. He is a critically acclaimed director and graduate of Studio 58 who further trained with Pochinko clown master, John Turner.

Participants to bring:

● a heavy pair or boots or shoes,
● a very light long scarf/ shawl, silk or chiffon or the like,
● a piece of contemporary text. No more than 100 words.

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Just Clowning Around

Stephen Heatley

Here’s a chance to fool around with some ideas about what is funny and what isn’t funny on stage! A fun-filled workshop that will let everyone try out the beginnings of a clown-like character and explore what makes us laugh. Come ready to move and ready to play!

Stephen Heatley has worked in professional theatre for over 40 years. During his 12 years as Artistic Director of Theatre Network in Edmonton, he directed over 30 premiere productions. He spent five years as Associate Artistic Director of the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, was resident director with the Freewill Players Shakespeare Company for 5 years and has directed for theatres in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Blyth, Ottawa and London, England. Stephen is the Head of the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of British Columbia where he works with actors, directors and playwrights.

Participants to bring:

Wear clothes that are easy to move in - we may be rolling on the floor. And something important to you that will fit into your pocket.

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Learning Lecoq: Creating from Colours

Ming Hudson

In this workshop, we will be diving into the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. This physical theatre technique challenges the artist to embody the external world or abstract concepts in order to create new work based on physical movements. Often times when we are asked to create new work, it can be difficult to pull ideas out of thin air. The Lecoq technique shows us that we can take something as simple as basic colours and turn that into inspiration for exciting and innovative theatre.
For this class, we will start with an exploration into moving the colours of the rainbow. Next, I will break you into smaller groups and give each a painting you will have to examine, break down, and move. Finally, each group will create a short scene inspired by the stories hidden in these movements. The show must go on and that includes your own work. This workshop will introduce you to a new way of creating new theatre.

Ming Hudson is a West Coast physical theatre practitioner, freelance performer, and devised theatre creator. She is a graduate of the LISPA, holds a Masters in Ensemble Theatre from Rose Bruford College, and has a BFA in Acting from the University of Victoria. Ming is also the co-artistic director of two devised physical theatre based companies: you & i Theatre (Canada) and Inside I’m a Mermaid (UK), and is the founder of new Vancouver collective At Last Productions. Select performing credits include: GO/NO GO (GO/NO GO Collective), East Van Panto: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Theatre Replacement), Blisskrieg (Atomic Vaudeville), PostSecret: The Show (The Firehall Arts Centre), Big Bad and Fall Away Home (Boca del Lupo), and The Penelopiad (The Arts Club Theatre Company). Up next, Ming can be seen at Bard on the Beach in Timon of Athens and Lysistrata.

Participants to bring:

Participants are asked to wear loose fitting clothing they feel comfortable moving in and a water bottle.

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Light My Way!

Don Parman

Join Don and CITT professionals as we work on basic lighting skills and techniques in this hands-on workshop. We will cover safe installation, instrument maintenance, and common repairs.

Don’s twenty-year career has taken him from student, to crew, to supervisor and manager. Along the way he has worked with some amazing organizations, The Massey Theatre, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Royal City Musical Theatre, The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technologies to name just a few. Don now brings all of that experience and love for live performance to Actsafe. From ladder safety to air quality Don has experienced it first hand and can help you navigate the world of performing arts safety.

Participants to bring:

Gloves, crescent wrench and loads of questions.

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Playwrong? Playwright? Just Play/Write

Dave Deveau

An informal session where you'll find out how a high school student with a passion for writing plays became an award-winning professional playwright whose work has been produced across the country and beyond. Hear how Dave got started and ask any pressing questions you might have about how to launch your own careers before we dive into some quick writing exercises to help hone your playwright's voice. A fun and relaxed workshop for creative minds passionate about writing.

Dave Deveau is an award-winning writer and performer whose work has been produced across North America and in Europe. He is the Playwright in Residence for Vancouver’s Zee Zee Theatre who produced his plays Nelly Boy, Tiny Replicas, the critically-acclaimed My Funny Valentine (Sydney Risk Prize, Jessie Nomination, Oscar Wilde Nomination – Dublin), Lowest Common Denominator and Elbow Room Café: The Musical (with Anton Lipovetsky). His first three theatre for young audiences plays were all commissioned and premiered with Green Thumb Theatre, and have subsequently continued into other productions: Out in the Open, tagged and Celestial Being.
His first screenplay Us in Nine Months, based on his play Tiny Replicas, won the Harold Greenberg Award at the Canadian Film Festival and will shoot in 2018 with Sociable Films. He is currently working on new commissions for Zee Zee Theatre, The Belfry, Arts Club and Nashville Children's Theatre. For the past six years he has been honoured to curate Human Library, a community-engaged theatrical hybrid project for Zee Zee Theatre. Dave was recently included in Xtra’s Top 30 Under 30 and OUTtv’s Queers of the Year and was the 2014 recipient of the Pride Legacy Award for Art. In total, his plays have been nominated for 1 Dora and 21 Jessies, including his newest play for young audiences entitled Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls premieres in March with Toronto’s Roseneath Theatre where he is currently Playwright in Residence. www.davedeveau.com

Participants to bring:

Pen, paper, and the willingness to share your work.

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Rediscovering Play for Performance!

Trilby Jeeves

Acting is playing! Sometimes we overthink our job as actors. Buffoonery Workshops can help you get out of your head and into your body so you can rediscover the playful you. Discover with your classmates your silliness, your bold bouffons, and apply this liberating confidence to your onstage performance. Let's quieten our inner critics and have some profound FUN! This play can be translated over to scene or monologue work and be a great tool for rehearsals.

Trilby Jeeves is an actor, director, instructor, and writer from Vancouver. She trained for 3 years in her second language at “Le Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique” in Quebec City. She went on to perform and direct in both languages across Canada. As well as performing up to 40 plays, she has worked for 35 years off and on as a set costumer/supervisor in the theatre & film industry. She facilitates her Buffoonery Workshops for actors, non-actors and directors. As a writer, Trilby has a pile of journals, enjoys blogging and has performed her original one woman show "Dusty Shoes".

Participants to bring:

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring your water bottle, an open spirit and be ready to play!

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Save the Scene!

David C. Jones

When creating an improvised story you alternate between Advancing and Expanding the story. There are four main ways to Break The Routine in a story and we will explore all of them in this fast paced workshop. You will also find things that are all helpful in general acting work like Secrets / Discovery and the power of Status work. An artist must serve the story for the benefit of the audience and sometimes they will have to save a scene that is starting to falter and flat line. The tools explored in this class will be your story first aid kit. Let's get busy!

David C. Jones has taught workshops across the country and throughout the province. He is creative coach for performers and public speakers. As a facilitator he has designed or adapted programs to cover a wide range of topics from self-esteem and empowerment to team building. He worked for several years with YMCA International creating role-plays and popular education activities. As a teacher he works in a variety of performing arts; acting, scene study, text analysis, and improvisation. His authentic character workshops and status and body language classes awaken the creative spirit. He is currently a teacher at the Vancouver Film School and a graduate of Studio 58. His workshops have been described by one student as a ‘combination of hilarity, gentleness and challenge’. David loves to laugh and loves to learn.

Participants to bring:

Note books and clothes to move in.

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Scene There, Sung That

Erik Gow

Explore a musical theatre song using the tool kit of an actor. Find the clues left by the composer on how to deliver and interpret the music. Look at the lyricists insights into character and motivation. Whether or not you read music, or have never performed in a musical, this workshop is for all levels of musical theatre performer and actor. We will be delving into the material like scene work using text, physicality, and listening to what's underneath the surface.

Erik is a Jessie Award nominated actor, musician, composer and playwright based out of Vancouver. He has performed locally with the Arts Club Theatre, Gateway Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars, Chemainus Theatre Festival, Axis Theatre, and many others. He is an educator at Bard on the Beach, Arts Club Theatre, Gateway Theatre, and UBC. He also composes and sound designs for companies around the lower mainland. Most recently on stage in the Arts Club National Tour of "Onegin", and will be performing with them again this summer in their production of "Once". His most recent writing credits include original compositions for Studio 58's "Ain't: The Musical" and original play "First Lady" with ZeeZee Theatre. Erik is a graduate of Studio 58 http://www.dacostatalent.com/erik-gow

Participants to bring:

Bring water, clothing you're comfortable in that allows movement,
a notebook and pencil, and audition book (If you have one).

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Stage Management without Fear!

Carol Chrisjohn

This workshop will help the student stage manager understand the scope of the stage manager's duties. It stresses the teamwork needed in the position and how to make it fun. A good stage manager is a leader and a follower at the same time - are you up for the challenge?

Carol has worked in the “biz” since her teens, starting out in high school and community theatre. She has acted, stage managed and directed all over Canada. In 1988 she became the production manager at Studio 58 where she coached student stage managers for 25 years. While working there, Carol was honoured with the establishment of a scholarship in her name to be awarded to a student who “expresses a passion for the art of theatre and who demonstrates joy in the work”. Now freelancing, she has taught workshops, stage managed, mentored, organized and assistant directed. She serves on the boards of Solo Collective and The Elbow Theatre, and keeps active working on her house and garden.

Participants to bring:

Something for taking notes if desired.

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Stage Combat: Knife

Robinson Wilson

Knife is a common weapon in stage combat choreography. This intensive workshop will teach proper techniques of handling, use, and preparation, and how to choose a safe, good quality knife prop. Material and techniques will be drawn from test requirements for the professional stage combat governing boards of the Nordic Stage Fight Society, Fight Directors Canada and the Society of American Fight Directors.

Director, Lighting Designer, Writer, Fight Choreographer. Training includes Fight Directors Canada, Society of American Fight Directors, and the Nordic Stage Fight Society, for whom he has also assisted with test material and advanced syllabus material selection. Recent lighting design work includes 3 out of the past 5 semesters at Vancouver Island University, where he also provides Directed Study mentoring and design instruction. Directorially, recent work includes his adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray for VIU, and Apprentice Directorship for The Winter's Tale at Bard on the Beach. Upcoming work: Once Upon a Mattress (Three Legged Dog Productions), and lighting design for Arctic Action (Harstad, Norway).

Participants to bring:

Loose clothing, good footwear, and notepaper and pencil. Water bottle. No video recording permitted.

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The Greatest Showman

Shawna Parry

Practice picking up and executing choreography in a fun and inviting environment. Emphasis will be on learning style and how to dance with a prop! Music and theme is from the recent Hollywood blockbuster musical 'The Greatest Showman'.

Shawna is a professional dancer, singer, and actor, who loves to share her passion of Musical Theatre via performing, instructing, or choreographing/directing! Selected performance credits: West Side Story ‘Anybodys’ (Van Opera), Guys and Dolls ‘Adelaide’ (Metro), The Diary of Adam and Eve 'Eve' (VanFringe), A Chorus Line‘Connie’ (VIVA), helping with the creation and voice of ‘Sara’ in How To Love-The Headphone Play (Van Fringe), and the play God of Carnage ‘Annette’, which won the North Shore Theatre BC Zone Festival award (NVCP). She has been honoured to tour across Canada with a live stage version of Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies Ready To Rock, playing “Oona”, served on faculty at numerous lower mainland dance and theatre schools, and adjudicated for BC festivals and talent searches. Favourite choreography or directing credits: A Chorus Line, Legally Blonde (Crofton School), five seasons of The Yellowpoint Christmas Spectacular (RazzleDazzle), assisting Mr. Jeff Hyslop in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen (GTI Productions), Honk! The Musical for The Chilliwack School of Performing Arts, and A Christmas Spectrum, a musical benefit for Autism in Kelowna, BC.

Participants to bring:

Dance shoes or soft soled shoes. Bare feet or half socks (socks folded past heels for grip) are also an option. Athletic wear for clothing. Water bottles.

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Wireless Wonders

Don Parman

Join our team of industry professionals in a wireless microphone workshop. This hands-on workshop will touch on the common techniques and issues experienced in the Secondary school environment. From feed-back to mic placement, we will give you tools to more effectively use wireless mics in your productions.

Don’s twenty-year career has taken him from student, to crew, to supervisor and manager. Along the way he has worked with some amazing organizations, The Massey Theatre, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Royal City Musical Theatre, The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technologies to name just a few. Don now brings all of that experience and love for live performance to Actsafe. From ladder safety to air quality Don has experienced it first hand and can help you navigate the world of Performing arts safety.

Participants to bring:

Pen and paper for notes, and questions. Feel free to bring ONE of your wireless units for us to demonstrate with and trouble shoot.

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You Are Shakespeare

Guy Fauchon

Let’s get past the language of Shakespeare and dive into the characters—and the characters’ minds—to explore how and why Shakespeare is “a record of us.” With Hamlet, Juliet, Richard, and Rosalind as guides, we will discover how the Bard is alive in and around us all the time.

Guy is a theatre artist and educator who approaches theatre as an opportunity for collaborative storytelling that illuminates the soul. Directing credits include: Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol (Theatre Obscura); How I Learned to Drive (Peninsula Productions); Sylvia (Theatre Tuscaloosa); Trust and Oleanna (Duke City Repertory Theatre, Albuquerque). At grad school, his production of Hair earned him a Best Director nomination for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. (BFA Acting ’91, MFA Directing ’10).

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Your Actors Brand

Pamela Wise

Let talent agent Pamela Wise share her top insights on being an actor in Vancouver's Film/TV industry and what she looks for! Pamela will give each participant a two minute Mini-Intuitive Branding session on what defines them as totally unique and builds a character range for best roles/genres.

Pamela Wise is a talent agent with Premiere Talent Management specializing in talent for advertising, commercials and print. She is also a sought after acting coach specializing in Actor's Branding & Marketing teaching at Capilano University and the Drama Class.

Participants to bring:

Please bring a smart phone with the ability to record your mini-branding session. Follow her Instagram, pamelawise for workshop highlights posted with your permission.