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Raison D'etre

Rules are necessary to facilitate fair participation in any Festival. The rules are intended to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of the high level of expectations in the Theatrical work, promote the efficient running of the Zone Festivals and the B.C. National Theatre School DramaFest, stimulate creativity, quality and problem solving in the productions, and ensure a fair experience for all participants.


The B.C. National Theatre School DramaFest is, above all, a learning experience and celebration for all participants - students, teachers, workshop leaders, adjudicators, and audiences. It provides for the support and development of talents, the promotion of creativity, and the recognition of excellence. The Festival offers a vehicle for the sharing of artistic expression and experiences in both a positive and critical ambiance. The Festival is a celebration serving to advance quality Drama and Theatre education in B.C. schools.

Notice 2021

The “Outstanding” productions will be selected to be presented at the BC NTS DramaFest, which will be hosted on a secure web-based platform. In order to access the festival and performances, audience members will need to login. For performances that are not included in the live presentation of the BC NTS DramaFest, they will be made available on our web-based platform.

Rules and Regulations for 2021 Online DramaFest


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  • A1. The cast and crew of each production will be grade 8-12 students from one secondary school.
  • A2. All students involved in a school production must be registered as students at the school for at least one semester of the school year in which the production is entered in the festival.
  • A3. All video submissions must be sponsored by a bona fide current BCTF/ABCDE member from that production’s school.
  • A4. A school may enter a maximum of 6 video submissions.
  • A5. All live musicians must be eligible student participants from the production’s school.


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  • B1. Submissions must have been created in the 2020-2021 school year.
  • B2. Videos/portfolio work may only be submitted once.
  • B3. Schools are limited to a maximum of 6 submissions.
  • B4. Individuals may still enter submissions, even if they are a part of another production, at the discretion of the sponsor teacher. If it fits within the allotted number of submissions per school.
  • B5. Total running time, must be longer than 1 minute, and no greater than 20 minutes.
  • B6. Entry Fees: To Be Announced.
  • B7. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • B8. Content Guidelines: Content may not include:
    - copyrighted works without the permission and streaming rights of the copyright owner
    - false or defamatory statements about any person or any third party,
    - profanity, nudity, depictions of violence, threatening language, bullying, inappropriate, indecent, harmful, discriminatory, or obscene content as determined by BC NTS DramaFest, in their sole and absolute discretion,
    - depiction of an act which is dangerous or suggests any person to undertake a dangerous activity,
    - The BC NTS DramaFest shall have the right, but not the obligation, to review the Entries for compliance with these entry requirements. Submissions including unsuitable content or that are in, or alleged to be in, violation will be disqualified.
  • * For clarifications or questions please contact the BC NTS DramaFest team.


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  • C1. Video Production Guidelines: It is our firm belief we can bring focus to the productions and artistry itself by standardizing our video format across all submissions.
    - Camera setups should always be positioned from a performance theatre viewing audience’s perspective. For questions or clarifications, please contact the BC NTS DramaFest team.
    - Video submissions may be from a maximum of two camera angles.
    - The use of the camera’s zoom, and or alternate lenses is acceptable, as long as the angles remain unchanged.
    - The use of wired microphones on the actors is permitted.
    - The use of sound recording equipment is permitted.
  • C2. Alternate Video Production Guidelines: In the event a production is following a non conventional structure such as a Zoom Performance or another creative approach.
    - For questions, please contact the BC NTS DramaFest team.
    - Examples and questions to be added as we hear from the creators.
  • C3. Portfolio Guidelines: If you are submitting a collection of images, slides, or video clips showcasing your technical work:
    - Use a maximum of 20 slides or stills.
    - Combined video lengths may not exceed 20 minutes.
    - Zip the portfolio for easy upload/submission in a .PPTX, .PDF or .ZIP format.


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  • D1. Choice of material (content and language) is the sole responsibility of the participating school’s administration.
  • D2. Performing rights, streaming rights, royalty payments, and/or letters of permission relating to each production are the responsibility of the producing school. A statement that such payments have been made and permission granted will be required by the Festival Host/Coordinator in advance.
  • D3. Neither the B.C. National Theatre School DramaFest, nor the A.B.C.D.E. will accept legal responsibility for any violation of copyright by a school participating in the festival.
  • D4. Self-contained or self-explanatory single acts or scenes from longer plays may be entered provided permission has been obtained from the publisher or author.
  • D5. Video submissions must indicate on the submissions form warnings for such things as: smoking, strobe lights, gun shots, explosions, strong language, mature content, other live or recorded sound which may prove hazardous to health or well-being etc.
  • D6. A correct and complete list of cast and crew will be required for the video submission. This must include all acknowledgments relating to script, performance rights and adult assistance. Indicate the difference between student and adults by “Student:” OR “Adult:”
  • D7. Please ensure copyrighted materials used also include streaming privileges.


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  • E1. There are currently no limitations on your set.
  • E2. You may use an outdoor location.